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Questions About Total Diabetic System


Total Diabetic System is one of the hottest moving products among natural supplements at the moment, and with good reason - it’s designed to prevent and manage both diabetes and the health problems linked to it. Have questions about Total Diabetic System? You may find your answers here.


What is Total Diabetic System?


Total Diabetic System is two products: Melabic blood sugar stabilizer and Neurabic diabetic neuropathy support. The former helps clients prevent and/or manage diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar.


Neurabic is designed to promote better nerve health, so clients have less pain related to diabetic neuropathy, and lower risk of nerve damage, because diabetic patients are at higher risk of this common ailment.


Combined, they complement each other, lower risk of diabetes, its symptoms and other health issues, like high blood pressure and heart disease. There are so many benefits to combining the two products, it’s worth your time to visit the System’s website to learn more.


What’s the benefit of Total Diabetic System?


They’re two of the top natural supplements to help people manage and prevent diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. Clients have long been asking for a system combining the two, for better results and higher savings.


So you’ll get total diabetic health, as the name implies, with Total Diabetic System, you’ll save more money than if you bought each supplement individually and you get the bonus items that come with both products.


Can Total Diabetic System prevent diabetes?


If you’re prediabetic, and not yet diagnosed with diabetes type 2, then it might, because it stabilizes blood sugar and reduces blood pressure and other risk factors for diabetes. That’s not an excuse to go nuts with high glycemic foods though. Total Diabetic System lays the groundwork for better health and lower risk of diabetes. But you’ll still want to watch what you eat.


Total Diabetic System can also help if you’re diagnosed with diabetes type 2 for that same reason - it stabilizes blood sugar, so you have fewer crashes (Thank You!) and may even save you money in health costs because it’s designed to repair damaged nerves and lower risk of the many problems related to diabetic neuropathy.


In fact, if you’re a long time diabetic, you’ll love Total Diabetic System because one of its ingredients is proven to reduce nerve pain by up to 73%, compared to just 50% for the best medications.


Why hasn’t my doctor told me about Total Diabetic System?


Your doctor knows a lot about treating symptoms with medication, but many physicians know little about natural health and its potential. That’s changing though - and that’s a good thing. More doctors are now recommending Total Diabetic System to their clients because of the remarkable success it’s had in both prevention and management of diabetes and neuropathy.


Is Total Diabetic System Safe?


Both products in the system are completely natural and very well-tolerated. You’ll want to speak with your doctor if you’re concerned about interactions with existing medications or conditions. But most clients have no problems at all with Total Diabetic System, and it’s a good bet you’ll probably be among them.


Do I need to keep taking my insulin and/or diabetes medications?


You’ll need to keep taking Total Diabetic System with any insulin or diabetes medications prescribed by your doctor. Keep an open communication with him or her - many clients find they’re able to gradually lower dosage when combined with Total Diabetic System, but again, that’s your doctor’s call.


Do I need a prescription to buy Total Diabetic System?


Nope! Total Diabetic System is completely natural and can be purchased without a prescription.


When will I see results?


Most clients report results in less than a month, but give it at least 90 days to really feel a difference in your blood glucose stability, reduced pain, ability to walk and other symptoms related to diabetes.


The ingredients in Total Diabetic System have high bioavailability - your body should be able to put them to use in that time. And remember, it comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee, during which you can try the System and return for a full refund if you’re not happy with it.